Work With Cee


My name is Cee.

I am the Founder & Director of Ceeces Travel.

I am a well recognized Social Media Entrepreneur & Business Owner in KZN and South Africa.

I cover music, events and festivals from both sides. Whether it is putting together teams of photographers, bloggers, social media gurus and packages to cover events, or myself, as one of the Top lifestyle bloggers and media faces in KZN.

Kerian Mei photography

I cover events, travel, tourism, establishments, restaurants, and launches. Both locally and abroad. Marketing, reviewing and promoting various brands along my travels, and working closely with owners, pr companies and media houses. Working on and an growing my list of annual events that I cover.

My main platform is Twitter where you can find me, daily sharing my adventures.

I have won several awards over the years, most recently I have been named as one of the Top 101 Travel Tweeters in South Africa, and recently picked up the Tourism Influencer of The Year 2017 Award from The Ugu South Coast Tourism Board.

I am also very familiar with a majority of our South African artists, owners, & events managers on personal levels, due to being in the industry.

With the combined reach of all my social profiles and monthly engagements, project’s are far and wide spread, between platforms that are well respected and have good reputations both locally and internationally.

Travel always coming out on top of all my passions and projects. Want me to jump out of a plane, or go skiing, or even sailing, then lets do it. Always ready to get on a plane, train, uber, or rollerblades!

So lets talk business……

Oh and here is some of the work I have done…Ceeces Travel Brief.

And As Always……..