Hudsons – The Burger Joint – Capetown

I have wanted to visit the Hudsons – The Burger Joint eatery for years! Founded in 2009, they have made their mark in the South African market with establishments in all 3 major provinces. Finally, I got the opportunity to stop in at the Hudson on Kloof Street, last month during the #CeeInCpt campaign.

I had just wrapped up my amazing two-hour radio interview at Hashtag Radio and had my very own personal tour of the TravelstartSA Head Offices, led by Lyle Scritten. To say I had worked up an appetite was an understatement, with the sun beating down on us, Lyle and I walked over to Hudsons for a catch-up and a bite to eat.


I have to mention that the Hudsons in Kloof Street is ideally located, it was literally about 4 doors down from my accommodation at Once Travel in Capetown. It was a 5-minute walk from the Ola Media House and centered as a great place to have an ice cold beer and burger either for lunch or after work drinks with mates.


We were seated outside under the wooden pergola, the sun slanted between beams, and the back wall was lined with garden boxes and filled with plants. It’s something I noticed about the eateries and accommodations in Kloof Street, there is is much greenery and the use of plants and flowers in all the buildings is really appealing.

Hudsons had followed suit, which meant even though you were roadside, a very reduced amount of noise from the cars of the bustling city, filtered through to the restaurant.

Our waitress was really friendly, even when we took forever to decide what we wanted to eat. I had an ice cold Bone Crusher, from Darling Brew a South African Craft Beer to start the meal off, as Lyle and I caught up and chatted about all the things in the media realm. Finally, making up our minds, we ordered food from our lovely waitress.

I choose the Free Range Crumbed Chicken Strips with a Roasted Garlic Mayo.


Lyle had the Falafels with a Truffle Cheese Sauce.



I really enjoyed our starters, the chicken roasted garlic sauce that went with my chicken was really good, Lyle even used some for his starter.

Next, we moved on to mains, the Burger menu at Hudson’s, is quite extensive, considering it’s their specialty. I eventually choose the Bacon Jam Burger, after craving that sweet and tangy combination. I went with the 250g option, which was quite the ambitious in the end, as I boxed the leftovers to eat for dinner.


When I did manage to finish my burger for dinner, I really enjoyed the combination of the Bacon Jam and the meat. I don’t often have beef, I usually switch the beef for chicken, but this time I am glad that I stuck with the original meat, as it complimented the burger very very well.

And if you think because I didn’t finish my burger at lunch, that I didn’t have dessert, then you are highly mistaken. There is always space for dessert, especially when you are sitting in such a serene environment.

At this stage, Lyle had to leave and get back to work, but as an often solo traveler, I said my goodbyes, and then moved into a table, that gave me a better view of the establishment. People watching is a sport I often partake in. Humans are an interesting species and you can tell a lot through someone’s body language. It was at this point that my favorite South African Craft Gin caught my eye. Sitting pretty on the bar shelf, SugarBird Gin, sparkled against the light.

I noticed that our waitress was serving a table of ladies, who weren’t being very kind to her, yet she took it in her stride and carried on with such professionalism. Usually, I am the kind of person that would have gone over and said something to them, but our lovely waitress just smiled and carried on about her day, she had it totally handled. And much to their disappointment once they realized there was no fun in their games, they gave up and continued talking about their dreams of marrying Bieber or someone along those lines. I have never understood, individuals who think restaurants and waiter staff are their realm to lord over, go play with some puppies or something.

None the less, nothing could have soured that moment as my Nutella Waffles arrived at the table. It was at this point that I left all abandon at the gates, and drove into the Nutella goodness that had been laid before me. It was delicious. The waffles were fluffy, not dry, which is what usually puts me off eating waffles in restaurants. The Nutella, Cookie Crumbs, Chocolate, and Ice Cream, melted in my mouth! And funnily enough, the rest of my Bone Crusher actually paired very well with it on the palette. Try it next time, you are there.


I will be heading back to Hudsons in Kloof Street, next month when hopefully the weather plays along a little better and I can take more photos of the lovely outside area.

In conclusion, should you visit Hudsons on Kloof? Yes! You should definitely visit, Hudsons on Kloof, whether it is for a meeting, with friends, or just a solo venture. Its a short walk away from various accommodations. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The food is really good, and the cost is manageable. I really had a lovely time at Hudson’s, and can’t wait to try more of their burgers next month!

I will be chatting about my Hudsons meal, on Instagram Live on Saturday the 15th. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and follow the updates for the exact time, so you don’t miss me.

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Thank you Lyle Scritten for all the images.


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