The Last Days of Summer, With Flying Fish – #HouseOfPlay

It sounds so final. The last days of Summer.

When in fact it was actually an amazing way to transcend into the Winter Season. South Africa, is now in its Winter season, although if you were in my city, you wouldn’t know it. Durban, South Africa is notorious for its forever-summer vibes. Our ocean is warm and easily accessible, the sun shines, and you can get away with wearing light clothing and just packing a jersey for the cooler evenings.

So when an invite from Flying Fish dropped into our inbox, we were quite excited. The House of Play event was being held at a secret location, known only to those attending and invited. Promises of a mansion – or penthouse as some of you will call it – were made in the invite details, and we knew that ocean views and summer vibes, were the order of the day.


When you work in my industry everyone assumes, your life is sunsets and cocktails. We don’t talk about the thousands of hours behind screens, hundreds of negotiations, and the work that goes into the occasional sunset afternoon. So when without wanting anything from me, Flying Fish invited us for an afternoon of music, cocktails, and sunsets, you can imagine, how quickly I clicked the confirm button on my e-invite.

Cue the Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas – Tomorrowland Set, as I picked out what I was going to wear for a summers afternoon, among friends old and new, and some of South Africas name artists.

Deciding to keep it casual, I threw on a pair of shorts, that I had actually sewn and made myself the week before, paired with a black top and some comfy shoes. I intended to do some dancing, so comfort level was the agenda. And did we dance?


Arriving on the Ballito Coastline at Canelands Beach Club & Spa, we knew that Flying Fish was going to take care of us. I was traveling with and enjoying the experience with my colleagues from Circle Online, and even saw fellow South African Blogger & Entrepreneur Sandy Nene in attendance.

Flying Fish was on the ball, as they had a cocktail bar set up on the left-hand side of the outside deck. Waiters and waitresses kept the tables stocked, food flowed the entire evening and I even made friends with the lifeguards, MJ and Chanel Stone. Here is a glimpse at the fun-filled afternoon, with Flying Fish at House of Play.

The Lifeguards

Pool Activities

The Arrival

LRM_EXPORT_20180627_210123 (1).jpg
CeecesTravel & Banzy from Circle Online in the building! #HouseofPlay
Need a lift? Flying Fish, has you sorted! Yellow Submarine…

The Vibe

Flying Fish keeping @pamzokhule, @nuperndlovu and @ceecestravel chilled…
Social Vibes, around the announcement deck with Flying Fish!
Always stocked!
Summer in South Africa, with Flying Fish. Mansion vibes at Canelands Beach Club & Spa.
Durban’s hottest DJs, keeping us entertained!

Flying Fish

How friendly do these guys look? And they made some delicious drinks.
Fresh ingredients for our Flying Fish Cocktails.
Just look at that! Flying Fish, doing the most!

The Guests

@CeecesTravel & Sandy of @SABloggers
@nuperndlovu & @ceecestravel
@Nuperndlovu & @pamzokhule
@ty_preddyboi & @ceecestravel

Summer Sunsets

Sunset Chill
Summer Says, Goodbye.

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next Flying Fish chill session! Thanks to Karabo & the team at Flying Fish, for bringing it all together! It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Summer and hello to a new season!

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed that, be sure to catch up on all my other adventures!

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And As Always

All Images By Ceeces Travel – Besides the Cee is in.


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