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#CeeAtSCBF18: – Our Great Drive Out

Welcome back to the #CeeAtSCBF18 Series. If you haven’t yet read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our adventure, click the highlighted links. Our journey so far has included, a visit to an abandoned train station, a coffee tasting, hanging out with South African Rock legends and a little tequila! Now, let me tell you about our tour experience, with the Ugu South Coast Tourism Team.

Great Drives Out is a newly establishment innovative by the Ugu South Coast Tourism Board.
The initiative is aimed, at drawing more visitors to the areas, both locally and internationally. The South Coast has a range of adventures, activities and accommodation to experience.

On Day 2 of our amazing South Coast Bike Fest, we were able to experience one of the new tours. Nothing could keep me from going on this road trip, not even the fact that we had, been hanging out with a couple rock gods and Sierra tequila, the night before.

Waking up bright and early, I took a nice hot shower in my en suite room at the Margate Sands Resort. I closed my curtains but left my sliding doors open, listening to the townsfolk wake up with the rising of the sun. Okay, that bit is a lie, ACDC was blasting from the main stage, like they had just discovered the invention of sound. I do have an inkling that it was played every morning, to get everyone wide eyed and busy tailed. My theory falls on the consideration that it played every morning, at five thirty am.


Shortly after that, we were all down stairs, ordering our breakfasts and wondering if it was going to rain. Thinking we were late, we headed to what I assumed was the tourism shuttle bus. Awkwardly standing outside of a locked bus for a few moments before I realized it couldn’t have been the right bus and we relocated into the reception area of the hotel. Only to find the rest of the media teams, all enjoying the comforts of the lounge area. It was our shuttle driver who was running a little late. Of course Jay, Mark and I then used this opportunity to inhale our breakfasts.

Eventually we all piled into our shuttle and set off on our road trip. We left Margate and headed for Port Edward, along the coastline. We were an interesting group, some of us from Durban, some from Johannesburg, some Margate locals and of course our amazing host, Kay Robertson, the South Coast Tourism Marketing Manager. I have worked with Kay for a few years now, and absolutely love it when we have the chance to see each other. She also knows I have my eyes on the prize to take home this years Tourism Award…again.

We stopped along the way, at a view point. Parked on the edge of a dusty road, those who wanted to take photos did so, and those who wanted to climb on a pile of rocks carved into the side of the road, did so. The latter was mainly, just me. I did not personally climb all the way to the top of the hill, but the view from the half way up it was pretty amazing. This also meant I got a few moments, to myself, to just observe nature doing what it does best.

A few short quiet moments of my thoughts and the world around me. I watched as our group walked around the hill, some climbed, some slipped, some laughed, and some were in their element. I love taking note of people when they dont know anyone is watching. Often it just makes me smile. We are these beings day by day, finding ourselves in interesting environments, atmospheres and with others, trying to figure things out as we go. Its beautiful.


Another five minute drive and we came across a local tavern, called Dofeleni. The gents playing pool and having an afternoon shandy, were more than welcoming and invited us to take some photos and watch them play. We didn’t spend to long with them, but it was a very authentic moment, with the locals.


Shortly after that we came to the Nyandezulu Waterfall. To get to the waterfall, one has to hike for thirty minutes, there and back. So make sure you wear your walking shoes, sunscreen and have some water with you. The trail is covered in greenery and with outstanding views of the valleys beneath you.

The trail to the waterfall, includes crossing many rivers, and you are not allowed to do the hike without a trained guide. From where we were, the view of the waterfall was breath taking, but I didn’t forget for a second that the waterfall is a mere 80 meters tall. The waterfall is part of an international educational group, who visit the area twice a year, from Sweden.



Next one our road trip was a stop at one of the Red Deserts.

The Red Desert in Port Edward is known to be one of the smallest deserts in the world. Before we even entered the gates, Jay was convinced that, the desert is the result of an old alien spaceship landing. Only later did we find out that this is just ONE, of the very popular theories.



The desert has been officially acknowledged in the Guinness Book of Records and further noting, it is both a conservation and heritage area. The desert, laying claim to the finding of many smaller archaeological artifacts and home to endemic plantation. You can take a 360 Tour HERE.


As we entered the desert with our guides, a sudden wind picked up, quite literally out of no where. It was at that moment that I knew I would be washing red sand out of my hair for the next week. I felt like Indiana Jones, trekking through the desert, on the hunt for hidden treasures! It was wonderful.

As the desert and dunes came into view, a smile I could not stop spread over my face. When you live for discovering and exploring, and you come across something unexpected or something that looks different to the way you imagined it. Its a special moment. And so I smiled, briefly of course, I wasn’t about to have a mouth full of red sand.




Not hard to think of the dinosaurs that roamed the area 250 million years ago, is it.

The sand itself held very interesting materials, and our guide was really good at explaining them all to us, how they formed, and why they haven’t migrated. Acknowledging that the desert is also surrounded by tropical greens, and over looks the Umtamvuna Estuary.

After shaking a considerable amount of sand out of each shoe, and somehow from the underwire of my bra, we all climbed back into our shuttle to continue on our road trip. So what does one do after travelling all day? Climbing on hills and through waterfalls? Well, you stop for coffee of course. And just where did we stop, at the famous Beaver Creek Coffee Estate of course.

That is a story for Part 5 of the #CeeAtSCBF18 Series. Keep your eyes peeled, I will be releasing it soon. And dont for a second think, it will be any ol’ coffee adventure! And I quote “There is a grinder there, thats being doing such for as long as Roger Collins has been alive”, lol! A bed where the beans, essentially get to suntan themselves and a cat, who has quite literally got the cream.

An Adventure Awaits….


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