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#CeeAtSCBF18: Road-trips, Train Stations & Tequila!

Welcome Back to The #CeeAtSCBF18 Series. If you haven’t read part one – Starbucks SA, click the highlighted link and then quickly come back. Right, now lets dive into the second chapter of our latest adventure.

“I am at my happiest when I am on the road”.

I said this to someone in conversation this week. I was talking about this adventure and all the hard work behind it an how no matter how hard or complicated something may be, at first. The end result is always worth it. The travel. The ecstasy of being on the road. The curiousness of meeting new people and traveling to undiscovered places. The intimacy of someone not knowing your name, and the chance to create a memory. The chance to leave your footprint.

Not everyone is meant to travel, or be on the road for extended periods of time. I understand this and its actually good in a way. What on earth would we all do, if there wasn’t some form of constant? However I am not the latter, I need to travel, to breathe. To be truly content with my life, myself and the world I live in. I need to be on the road. And every-time I get back on the road, I realize this truth more and more and more. Its basically undeniable now.

I have mentioned many a time, that the South Coast is my second home. I am just reveling in the discoveries of this gem on our local coastline. Every time I visit there is something new, and yet at the same time a familiarity that says “welcome home”.

Once I see the sign for the waffle house, to the left of the freeway, and the beach becomes visible in Scottburgh, this ease and this sense of not only adventure but purpose, crawls under my skin and hugs my cells. Okay, not so gruesomely but you get the idea.

So then after reading all of that, you can imagine, why the Umzumbe train station, always gets a visit from Cee when I am on the coastline. In fact, its literally a 2 minute walk out of one of my favorite backpackers, Mantis and Moon.   

Travel comes in so many various forms, there is travel by car, by plane, by train, by boat and even using nothing but your own two feet. The fact we live in a time and a world, where we have access to these various modes of transport is one of the greatest gifts of our time. As you all know, I do not go anywhere without my American Tourister luggage!

Now I haven’t yet gone on a luxury or long-distance train trip, although I know that both the Blue Train SA and The Rovos Rail Tours, are well recognized both nationally and internationally. I am hoping to travel on both the Blue Train and The Rovos Rail this year, and of course, will share the experience with all my readers and followers.

Did you know that the first railway system in South Africa made its debut in my hometown? In fact on the 26th June 1860, the first steam train made its journey from Durban to Point. Looks like I was born in the right city. Not only that but Durban Harbor is the largest and busiest, shipping terminal in Sub-Saharan Africa. I’m not kidding, my province takes to travel in its stride.

The South Coast is a land that calls your name, with sun, sand, and sea. It promises, hot sun on your skin, cool waves, on your feet, that ocean breeze smell, friendly townsfolk and the secret of adventure, yet to come.

Pop a bottle or two of your favorite wine or spirit into your luggage, along with your costume and a good pair of walking shoes.  Take off work, and find a friend to explore the coastal towns of the South Coast. Speaking of which, we were given some Sierra Tequila and Dubliner Whiskey to take on our adventures! The brands are now both available for purchase in South Africa, through the Merriment & Co. group.

The Sierra Tequilas were a huge hit on band night and the Dubliner Whiskey went down well, as sunset mixers! The Sierra Tequilas Spiced & Reposado Gold were both quite surprising on the tongue. I expected to have that instant tequila tartness when I tasted them but instead was pleasantly surprised by both.

The Sierra Gold is actually matured in oak barrels for nine months. It is said to be the choice of tequila for Mexicans, leaving a caramel, vanilla aftertaste. I can agree that this is what I tasted and that it is an easy drinking nightcap on the rocks. I think in Summer this will be a future hit in my home.

The Sierra Spiced has a little more attitude. A bit more flair and fiesta! Compliments of orange and cinnamon are evident in the flavoring, but strangely enough, I found this tequila, poured on the rocks, with a grape and or apple fruit mix, gave it a completely unique and fresh spin.  If you are looking for something that hits the back of your throat in a thirst quenching way, then I suggest you try mixing as above.

The Dubliner Irish & Caramel Whiskey, are both as smooth drinking and delicious as they sound. In fact, the Caramel Whiskey and its hints of honeycomb, are the ideal dessert pairing. I think a cheese platter and the caramel whiskey would be the perfect way to end an evening of adventure, around the bonfire! We can thank our fellow pioneer and explore, Mr. James McBride for that.

Winter is on the way, we tend to move towards our darker spirits, as the seasons get cooler. Marshmallows and honey-comb and caramel whiskey sound good to us? It sure does. Whether you’re sitting at the top of Sani Pass or watching the snow fall in Giants Castle, these two Whiskeys are now available for you to take on your travels in South Africa.

Oh and yes, its Whiskey not Whisky. The folks at Merriment & Co. have an entire course on this, so if you feel like brushing up on your whisky/e knowledge, click THIS LINK. 

So, sun, sea, sand, spirits, and adventure. I am pretty sure you cant go wrong, on your travels to come.

You never know who you are going to meet on your adventures. The most important thing to pack is your smile. Your love. Your kindness. Without those three elements, you will never escape the box, no matter how far you go.

So what happened when we reached our final destination?

Well, that is a story for tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. However, if you hear along the grapevine, that there was a moon, that set the ocean on fire with its white light, and a guy that can beatbox the sound of a Harley Davidson so convincingly you could feel the vibrations. Or, even something about discovering one of the best dam local bands, I have ever heard in SA (The Color Blew I see you), and possibly hanging out with one of South Africa most legendary bands, then…I won’t say, it’s not exactly true. Lol.

An Adventure Awaits… 

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Part 3, will be live tomorrow…

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And As Always


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