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#CeeAtSCBF18: Starbucks_SA

Welcome to the #CeeAtSCBF18 Series.

Those of you who follow me on social media, know that recently we had the opportunity to experience, the South Coast Bike Fest again. Mark, Jay and I, look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

This event is hosted on the coast of our beautiful coastline, in the town of Margate, in KZN, South Africa. If you didn’t know already, this is quite literally one of my favorite places to be in Southern Africa.


So whats the best way to start a road-trip? With breakfast and coffee of course. Hosted by the lovely Starbucks SA, in Florida Road, Durban. We got stuck in a coffee tasting, then a cake adventure and even had a Frappuccino for the road.


We were greeted on arrival by Siyanda, who is Manager at the Florida Road branch. Siyanda and the Starbucks Baristas were in such jovial moods, I instantly felt relaxed and welcomed when we arrived.

After greeting each other and being told that The Native Barista – Also known as Aubrey – would be doing our coffee tasting with us, we settled at the bar. I know, it sounds like we sat down. No, we settled. Try getting 3 content creators to sit down anywhere, and you will know that, there is no such thing. I may even use the word hovered. We covered.



The Coffee

So what kind of coffee are you drinking at Starbucks? The Arabica bean is the chosen bean for Starbucks SA Espresso. In fact, Starbucks has been growing their own bean and building on a sustainable, support with coffee farms all over the world for over thirty years.

During our coffee tasting and brewing course, we used a Kenyan Coffee bean. The Native Barista took us through all the steps, including, making sure our glasses were clean, and that they had no lingering smells or soaps in them. The slightest residue can affect the coffee taste. Furthermore, we learned a lot about how important the coffee temperature is too, creating that perfect cup.









After learning how to feel the body of the coffee in the middle of my tongue, we were then given some lemon cake, to try with the coffee. And wow. I was impressed at how well the two paired and how delicious it all tasted.

The lemon cake and coffee tasted almost like a creamy, caramel, dessert. It wasn’t an expected taste. However having said that, I am well aware of how coffee can change the taste and palette. My favorite coffee and food pairing is quite an odd one. Think, coffee & bunny chow. Yup! Have you ever had a chicken bunny chow and then had a cup of coffee straight afterward? You can thank me later.

It is really interesting though, at how easily coffee can pick up and or alter the taste of both itself and any other foods you may be eating while, drinking of the cup of your favorite brew.



After a successful tasting, and me trying not to walk out the door with all the copper kettles and brewing equipment, we moved to the outside seating area for cake and Frappuccinos. Cakes also happen to be one of the Baristas who assisted us. He is an up and coming music producer, when he is is not perfecting his coffee art.



Check out this amazing video that, Jay, Founder of DigInMedia shot during our experience:

My favorite Frappuccinos from Starbucks SA is the Strawberries & Cream. Seriously it is delicious and if I lived a little closer, I would need to take out a gym membership because when it comes to those I have no self-control.

I would be making it rain Frappuccinos on the daily! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, every day, all day! So you know, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t live too close, lol.




Coffee AND Cakes…

By the way, just so you know, the coffee machines at Starbucks are custom made for the brand. They believe that they not only need to have the best Baristas, but they need to equip their baristas with the best tools for the job.

And while they were at it, they developed their own milk pitchers, creating that foam we all love so much on our cappuccinos. Considering Starbucks started roasting in 1971, it’s not surprising that they are inventing and building as they go.




I really like the Starbucks SA branch in Florida Road. Recently Starbucks launched in Durban, South Africa. The media launch was done at this branch and we had a wonderful evening of music and coffee. However, experiencing the venue on a normal day, gave me a greater appreciation for the branch.





The wood furnishings, are my favorite, the area both inside and outside, is dotted with plants and artwork that compliment both spaces very well. Inside you can sit at the bar, or on one of the lounging areas. Outside, you will find comfortable seating and even a swing chair to work from.

Bring your laptop, connect to the free Starbucks Wifi and change up your weekly office vibes. You can also pick up some of the Starbucks brews from the store to take home.






Oh and don’t even get us started on the cakes and desserts! They were just delicious.





We actually ate them for dessert on our first night at The South Coast Bike Fest in our hotel room, which overlooked the grounds. Thanks, Margate Sands, for this beautiful view.


So, a huge thank you to the team at Starbucks, SA for kicking off our amazing #CeeAtSCBF18 experience. We had the most amazing time, and tasting with you. The team was so lovely and I look forward to coming back soon. You might wanna hide the Frappuccinos though…..


We hope you enjoyed the start of our adventures.

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And As Always




ALL Photography by Dig In Media – Copyright.
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