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Where To Stay, During The South Coast Bike Festival 2018

Yes! It is that time again. The hugely successful, South Coast Bike Festival is back! And you need somewhere to stay!

So we here at Ceeces Travel, have compiled a list of our favorite South Coast stays! The list covers everything from beach house – self-catering to conference and luxury accommodation! The South Coast is our second home and we want it to be yours too.



Well. There is one name, that comes to mind instantly when we think of backpacking along the coastline. Mantis & Moon backpackers, in our opinion, are the first and last stop on any coast related trip.

Not only will you feel completely at home, at Mantis & Moon, but you will start to consider yourself family the longer you stay. Mantis offers a variety of activities to do in the area, which can be found on their weekly activity board. Or you can chat with Elle, Shani or anyone on duty, about what you would like to do, and they will make suggestions on the best way to explore the South Coast. Before you run off to explore, start your day off with a YOGA session.


One of our favorite activities to do at Mantis & Moon is going on a river cruise with Ryan from Lush Adventures. And if you are lucky, you will catch Shumba Howl on the cruise with you. A local and brilliant band. There is nothing like lazily cruising down the river, at sunset. A beer in hand, and some great acoustic tunes from Elle, Andrew, and Tyran.

On hot sunny days, feel free to lounge around the pool area or pool table, and if its a little chilly, there is also a hot tub available for you use.


The Mantis Bar is much like any backpackers, stocked with the local favorites, but don’t expect to find gold flaked anything in the fridge. You’re there to chill, to live the South Coast lifestyle. Shirts and shorts are the order of the day. And if you are not in the mood to cook, meals can be arranged with prior notice. Maybe you can assist the team in their banana on pizza debate?



So who should stay here? Everyone is welcome, and Mantis accommodation caters to all types, whether you are looking to camp, sleep in a bungalow with glass walls or share a dorm. I personally enjoy visiting mantis with friends.


Beach Resort

Looking for a more catered stay? The Pumula Beach Hotel, literally positioned behind Mantis & Moon, is another of our favorites. The hotel resort, styled with nautical themes, large lounges with libraries and a communal eating area in its all-white facade its quite something.

I recently stayed here when we attended The South Coast Tourism Awards, I took home the Influencer of The Year Award 2017.


We had a few other activities on when we were down there and so stayed at the hotel for a few days. By the time we had to leave, it was almost bittersweet. The rooms are styled well, but not over the top. I think the materials and furnishings are of good homely quality without being pretentious. There is WiFi in the lounge area and the most amazing library that you can spend the day comfortably lounging in.


I enjoyed one of our afternoons doing just that, with a nice G&T in hand and a good book. The resort is much bigger than it actually feels. It is family friendly even family focused one might say with a pool area, kids playroom and large outdoor playground, including jungle gym.


The views are unparalleled. You are tucked in the indigenous coastal vegetation, so if you are specifically looking for a garden or sea view, make sure to mention this with your booking. The bar while small is well stocked, and you may even find a spirit or two from abroad.

So who should stay here? I suggest staying here with a group. So if you’re looking for a mature ladies getaway, or need to get away with the family, then this is the place for you.

Self Catering Coastal Cottage

This is where we stayed last year, 20 on Hibiscus. Hosted by the lovely couple, Chantel & Allan Elliott. They had just opened their newly refurbished home up to the public on AirBNB and let me tell you something. This is one of a kind. The cottage itself is actually a landmark on the South Coast. It was one of the first homes built 66 years ago on the coastline. The Elliotts bought it 3 years ago and spent a full year on renovating the cottage.


Now sadly, as with “smart” technology I had some technical failures and lost ALL my photos from our stay at this amazing property. Can you say heartbreaking? These images are from their booking link. It is, however, my mission to stay here again.

This is the perfect beach style cottage for a weekend stay. The cottage is fully furnished, in every single sense that you can think of. As a seasoned traveler with my work, and previously having a decade career in hospitality myself, I can be quite the critique when staying in a new place.
I tend to overpack because I don’t trust that people have thought of everything and end up lugging half my belongings with me. Well, this is one place, I know I don’t have to do that. Whether I intend to stay here with my partner on a romantic getaway, or if I take a road trip with 5 of my friends, we would be just fine.


The cottage takes elements from the beach an ocean view, with touches of luxurious elements in the bathroom and lounge area. You will find old brown sherry in the corner cabinet, fresh herbs in the herb garden and all the quality utensils you need, to cook up a feast. The outside seating area is a beautiful place to have your morning tea in the green and well-manicured lawn, leading your eyes to the sparkling ocean or in the evening, a glass of wine with friends is advised. There is DSTV on the flat screen, WiFi at your dispose of and the cottage is pet-friendly.


The bedrooms are BIG. The cottage can sleep 6 people more than comfortably. The main bedroom has feather pillows but you can find microfiber pillows in the cupboards, as the owners know some people are allergic. They are far more spacious than most hotel rooms, with cupboard space (I left my scarfs in one of them) and even an area to store your shoes. Do you see what I mean about attention to detail? Literally. One of the best stays I have had in Kwa – Zulu Natal.


The cottage is in walking distance to and from the festival, which is a major plus. If you don’t mind a few stairs (okay a lot but still) you can walk down to the festival every morning and then walk back before dark using this route. I think this really helps when you have a car, especially a big one and you want to attend the festival every day. It is just easier to walk, where you can. There is dedicated parking for attendees, but my suggestion is walk when possible.

Chantel and Allan, know A LOT about the South Coast area. We had the pleasure of joining them for lunch, the day we left to come home. I learned a lot about their passions, the love they have for the cottage and for their community. I think being able to meet so many different people from all walks of life, is the ideal environment for these two friendly and interesting hosts to be in.

We also got a ride in the massage chair and some amazing stories about the resident Martial Eagle, that may or may not have been involved in a few of the local missing dog cases. Seriously, with these two hosts, this beautiful cottage, and those coastal views, you can not go wrong. We will most certainly be back in 2018 so we can take a photographic tour for all our readers. Keep your eyes open.

So who should stay here? I say this accommodation is perfect for everyone. Couples, families, friends, and great to recommend to visiting international guests.

Day Stay

Why not make a stop at the South Coast Bike Fest? Okay, I understand not everyone can take off a long weekend to go to a festival. And not everyone can travel down to the event. However, there are many commuters that will be traveling to the coast on Friday and leaving on Saturday, so why not stay for a night.

I have had the pleasure of staying at the Umthunzi Hotel & Conference twice before and have enjoyed my stay every time. I think this is the ideal stopover destination, with facilities to have meetings, on-site and to relax after your clients have left. The property has amazing room views, a pool area, a well known and award-winning conference area and a large breakfast room.


Whale watching from the terrace deck is encouraged during a season and if you like having a nightcap, the barmen at this establishment are very friendly, and will even challenge you to a game of pool or darts if you so part take. Have a good breakfast, spend the day exploring the bike fest, drive back to your hotel, have a nightcap and then head home, on clear roads.



So who should stay here? I would suggest anyone traveling for work or anyone interested in popping into the South Coast Bike Fest for a day.

And those are our accommodation suggestions for this year’s South Coast Bike Festival. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event if you haven’t registered or bought your ticket for the event, be sure to CLICK THIS LINK.

I would love to see all your photos, on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #SCBF18 when you post.

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And As Always





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