27BirthdaysWithCee – La Vita Spa’s

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

That is how I felt when we walked out of our full day spa experience at La Vita Spa’s. To be honest, it been a tough time lately, and I knew that the pampering and the massages, we’re going to be well received and were needed. What I didn’t know was just how much…

Better yet, I got to enjoy the experience with someone who I call a sister, a friend, a supporter and a protector. A wonder woman in her own right, raising 3 kids, who are all under the age of 12. Maintaining a full-time job, who cooks full dinners every night, all week. Running her own blog and working on several other projects, while still having time for others and giving back, at every opportunity she has. I think that kind of person deserves a full day to themselves being pampered.

The amazing team at Optima Holidays along with La Vita Spa treated me for my birthday this month, and I am overwhelmed, by their absolute generosity, care, and professionalism. Our experience was really enjoyable, special, un-rushed and exactly what I needed. So let me tell you all about it.

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The Venue –

We were pampered at the La Vita Spa based at the Breakers Resort in Durban North, South Africa. There are spa’s all over the province that you can choose from, but we seem to always find ourselves at this one in particular, and we are quite happy to be there. When we first arrived, we were greeted by smiling, well dressed, happy therapists. Always a win for me, customer service starts at your initial interaction and that sets the tone going forward.

We were asked to fill out our details, but before we could do that, we were given a tour of the facility, which I think is a nice and welcoming touch to your experience. It’s like staying at a hotel, but before they ask you to pay or sign anything, they show you around your new home and make sure you are happy with it.

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We were then guided to the lounge to fill out our details. The lounge is stocked with juices, tea, coffee, and cocktails can be ordered at request. There are also yummy nibbles like the olives, gherkins and chocolate chip biscotti, which I may or may not have had several of.

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The changing rooms are sufficient, with shower, toilet, mirror basin, bench and lockers for your items. I found my robe to be light, and not heavy like some tend to be and the spa shoes, almost came home with me. SO COMFORTABLE.

The Treatments –

The Ultimate Indulgence

We really did spend our whole day at the spa. Arriving at 10h00 and leaving just after 18h00. Our therapists, Nelly and Phindi were really, really on top of their game. They asked if I was comfortable during every step of the various massages and treatments. They checked that the room temperature was good, during the treatments and made sure that their pressure techniques were just right, for us individually.

Hot Stone –

I choose to have a deep pressure massage and had Lavender as the base oil for my treatments. Lavender is known for aiding in relaxing the body and mind. It aids those with anxiety, depression and sleeping issues, all of which I have or do battle with. And yes, I did feel VERY relaxed as I had my hot stone, lavender massage. The oil was hot, but a comfortable hot, not a Frodo- Mount Doom – Hot.

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I had actually hurt my right knee the weekend before our treatment, and I forgot to make a note on my form, I did tell Phindi, before she started her massage and she was fantastic at making sure that she didn’t massage or connect with the sore area.

Our experience, included a Majestic Milanese Facial, Hot Stone Full Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Paraffin Manicure & Pedicure, and a Foot Massage. We were also treated to an hour in the Hydro Room, which included a cold plunge pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi.

Indian Head Massage –

My shoulders were quite knotted and I enjoyed the attention the Phindi, paid to my spine area and shoulder blades. I actually think that a weekly massage may not be a bad thing. We all work so hard and in today’s world, are so stressed out, that taking care of our bodies and our skin, isn’t exactly on the top of our To-Do lists. This year, I made a pledge to take better care of myself emotionally and mentally, and I can certainly see that taking care of oneself, especially as you age, physically is just as important.

The combination of shoulder and head massage, worked well, although personally, I would shorten the length of the head massage. It is quite a sensitive area and, I felt that maybe a little too much time was spent on it. I did find the techniques quite interesting, however. I could feel attention being directed to pressure points and areas that encourage blood flow.


The facial was an interesting experience, I am not a fan of the heating part of any facial, I get that one needs to open their pores, but hot air and I in general do not get on. I did enjoy our mask application, however.

The mask is incredibly cooling on the skin and as a claustrophobic person, I didn’t feel restricted with it on. I could still move my facial muscles quite freely and talk, with the mask on. Removing the mask took only a few seconds, and I am glad to tell you that I myself have mastered the process at home as well. Part of our package was getting a mask jar to take home. Also, don’t I look just beautiful? Lol.

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I have to say our skin looked amazing after the facials were complete.

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WhatsApp Image 2018-03-29 at 10.46.51 (2)

Sorry about the fuzzy image, but we were in relax mode, by this stage.

Wax Manicures –

The wax manicures were new to me.

I think if I had tried to explain to someone that I was going to soak my hands and feet, in hot wax for healing and softening purposes, they may have checked me into therapy.

The wax is actually warm, not hot and there is no cause to imagine the ending of a bad horror movie. After our hands and feet are dipped and the wax has molded to your skin, your hands and feet are then wrapped in plastic and covered in mittens. I had a giggle at my mittens, they made me feel like a little elf, I loved it.

In between all of this, we did have a light lunch and something to drink. If you are spending an entire day at the spa it is very important to keep hydrated.

Hydro –

I found the hydro hour, very enjoyable. I was worried about the heat in the sauna but was surprised at how easily I could breathe through the steam, and sweating it out, actually felt amazing. I can see the benefit of using a sauna as part of your lifestyle and would love to use them more in the future. The plunge pool was not ice cold, which I appreciated, even though we just put our feet in, and the Jacuzzi was great fun.

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The entire day was really such a treat and a great experience. The La Vita Spas, offer various packages, treatments, and products that you can enjoy or buy and take home.

If you are looking for a way to spend your weekend, or holiday break. I would suggest booking the Easter special with a friend or partner. Vouchers are valid for more than 3 months, unlike many establishments who cut off at 3 months. This means, if life throws you any curve balls, you don’t lose your chance to treat yourself. It also means you can buy your treatments in advance and even give them as gifts to friends and family.


If you are still working on losing the Christmas weight and would like to try something new, the spa also offers, Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency lifting, Vacuum suctioning and Infra Red Light therapy.

If you prefer to wax, this can also be done at the La Vita Spas with their wax hair removal treatments. I am very keen to try the La Vita Tints or you can make a day of it with your child. Mommy, Daddy and I at the spa is a lovely way to get the little ones off their screens, and make memories. Kids can have manicures and body massages, suitable for all sexes.


And of course, lets not all forget to sign up to the La Vita Member Program. The membership fee is unbelievably reasonable and the benefits are well worth it.

If you would like to know more about the brand, be sure to visit their WEBSITE and follow them on SOCIAL MEDIA.

And then follow me on social at @CeecesTravel. On TWITTER, and then Instagram and my Facebook Page. And if you would like to work with me, contact me HERE.

Please also support me by clicking the subscribe or follow button on the right-hand side of the screen, thank you.

Thank you to the team at La Vita, First Group & Optima Holidays. I look forward to furthering adventures with you.

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And As Always




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