My Travel Sunday Reads: 11.03.18

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Catch52 –

We have always wanted to visit Miami. What we didn’t know, is that when we visit Miami, we are going to need a food truck to carry all the food supplies and doggy bags, we bring home with us.

This week we read an amazingly detailed, and visually excellent food guide from Em, who is the founder of Catch52. The minute we read about the fresh seafood, our bags were already open. The famous Nikki Beach is featured, along with dinner and a show at El Tucan.


There is literally something for everyone and the suggestions in Ems article, are not only well presented but they are making us take a second look at the Miami area as a foodie destination. We trust Ems opinion considering, Em herself is a Swedish born, Iranian, who is based in London. We think she knows her food.


My Travel Sunday Read, from Em this week is – Top Places To Eat In Miami.

pexels-photo-459791 (1)

The Globe Diary –

Fellow Durban born, South Africans, Craig & Leigh, are based in Edmonton, Canada, and travel around the globe, documenting their travels, in a humorous and engaging manner. A slight coffee addiction and lavish dinners ensure.


I love Leigh’s story about how she and Craig have sent the last few years, buying houses, traveling, stay-cations and a certain concert that she is still jealous, Craig went to without her.

In between itinerary filled trips to South Africa, and expansive travel to Vancouver, Germany, Paris, Amsterdam & Banff, there is no shortage of reading material on their blog, or tips, advice, and travel fails, that will make you giggle.


My Travel Sunday Read, from Leigh & Craig this week is – Staycation At Fairmont Macdonald, Edmonton.


Jackson Groves –

I honestly feel like Jackson should have some kind of intro video, whenever his name is mentioned. On a weekly basis this young, travel loving, entrepreneur fuels my passion and love for everything travel related.

Jackson is self-described as one of the youngest, professional bloggers in the travel blogging industry. Jackson can often be seen traveling through South East Asia, with well known Instagrammers, Josh Lynott, and Nic Morley. Giving us all envy, with their drone videos on Instagram, which are often shared on worldwide platforms, such as Unilad Adventure, and Various Travel Channels.


One of the reasons I really like and have liked Jacksons accounts for several years now is because I get the feeling that everything he does, is very real for him. He isn’t here just to chase Instagram numbers and become famous. He truly seems to live life to the fullest, while being very honest and real about the things he does. There is this vision for the future while working and exploring with other content creators.

We are hoping to interview Jackson, soon and can’t wait to get to know more about the man, that does THIS as a lifestyle.

My Travel Sunday Read, from Jackson this week is – Best Hikes, on Kauai, Hawaii.

So do yourself a favor, this week. Go and get lost in someone else’s adventure. Go see the world, through someone else’s eyes. It will be an adventure and who knows what you will find.

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