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How You Can Support, Your Favorite Bloggers.

I absolutely love my readers, my followers, and my subscribers. Writing is a passion, a job, a form of expression, an art, and a highly acquired skill. And while some industries are STILL figuring out how to work with freelance writers, bloggers, and the likes. We are over here, doing what we do.

I am not going to get into the completely frustrating comments and ideas people, have about freelancers. Comments like “Oh so you get to be on holiday all day?” Let me stop you there. First of all. If being on holiday means, waking up at 04h00 am daily, opening emails by 05h00 working the entire day, just like anyone else in an office and sometimes only finishing at 02h00 am the next day. Then sure, call it a “holiday”.

I want you to talk about supporting your favorite bloggers. Showing some love and making a commitment to that blogger, freelancers or writers work.


Click The Subscribe Button –

I LOVE it when someone shares my blog or link on a social media platform. I love social media. I teach it, I manage it, I learn it and I live it. I also know that while sharing my posts is great, it doesn’t always mean, actual engagement on my website. It doesn’t mean someone is going to read my article or comment on it, let alone see it.

So make a comment if you truly enjoyed reading someone’s article. Or if you learned something new, and picked up a nifty tip, then let the writer know. It means the world to someone to know that their readers have actually read the entire article and have something to say about what was written. Its called having a conversation, and while I know its easier to stimulate via social media. It means a lot to us if we can go back to articles we wrote 3 years ago and read someone’s thoughts on it.

It’s encouraging and it’s motivating and it takes only a few extra seconds to do. So, myself included. I will be clicking on that subscribe button more often. And if you are worried about spam, don’t. We don’t want to annoy our readers, the only emails you are likely to get these days, our new article notifications and competition alerts. So new content or a chance to win something awesome? I think I can handle that.


Look at this guy, he is a supportive reader….lol.

Give Your Favorite A Shout Out On Social Media –

If you really like the writer and their content, then give them a shout on social media. Not just a retweet, although we really appreciate those too, if you think there is a specific individual that would like the writers content or a brand that should work with your favorite freelancer then tag them in a post together and introduce them to each other!

Here is an example of what I might say:

“Hey, @SamsungSA, I really think you should check out @CeecesTravel. She is always on the move and could do with a water and dust proof device, to capture and showcase all her SA Travels”. #CeecesTravel #SamsungMobileSA

By doing this, I have introduced the brand to a possible ambassador, and opened the doors for my favorite writer, without doing much, that could really assist and change that writers journey in a positive manner. Obviously tagging brands that have nothing to do with the style of your favorite writer or blogger is a little pointless. So if you cant think of any brand connections, how about just giving them a shout out on your page anyway, with a link to their site so everyone else can see for themselves.

Something like this:

“Absolutely loved reading about @CeecesTravel adventures at @BrahmanHills this week. If you love adventure, a little humor and traveling, then go read more here – CeecesTravel.”


A further note on social media. Be sure to follow your favorite writers, freelancers, and bloggers on ALL their social media platforms. Why all of them? Each platform has a completely different purpose or end goal and your favorite most likely uses them in very different ways. I know I do.


My Twitter followers have a much deeper real-life connection with me, and I gain a lot of my business directly from this platform.


Whereas my Instagram platform, I have only started personally paying attention too for the last few months. I have learned to use the platform and its facilities to interact with people across the world, in a completely different manner than I do, my twitter associates.


And then there is Facebook. Honestly, I have never been a fan, but I know business wise it makes sense to have a page, and slowly over time I have learned to use it, in the way that it is meant to be used. And for those of you that think Pinterest is dead, read this, by Campsbay Girl.


So let’s click the follow button folks.

And Finally…. Give Your Favorite, Some Credit –

Trying out a new restaurant. Found the most Instagram-able hotel ever? How about that new drink that you really like, or that fitness bra that fits just right? Had a bad day and read something that made you smile?

Say thank you. A simple thank you or credit to the favorite that leads you to your latest discovery means a lot to the favorite and to the brand. It shows the brand that this individual really does affect the buying trends, or really can reach people they may have not.

If I am visiting a place or have even seen a place in another Instagrammers photos, then I will comment on that post. I will ask questions about the venue, or product and my feedback from both my favorite and the brand will usually impact my final decision to visit or try it.

Or if I am already at the venue, I will tag my favorite in my Instagram story or tweet and let them know I am trying out their suggestion. Again. It’s just about giving back in kind.


I would love to discover your favorite blogger, freelancer, and writers, so leave their handles or links to their sites in the COMMENTS section of this article.

And then follow me on social at @CeecesTravel. On TWITTER, and then Instagram and my Facebook Page. And if you would like to work with me, contact me HERE.

Please also support me by clicking the subscribe or follow button on the right-hand side of the screen, thank you.

And As Always




5 thoughts on “How You Can Support, Your Favorite Bloggers.”

  1. Thank you Cee. Brilliant idea. I think sometimes people want to show support and don’t know how. Some great tips!

    And by the way, keep sharing. You are doing a fantastic job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Carmen. The encouragement means a lot. And agreed, I think of you arent thinking in a business mind set or as a blogger but only as a reader, it can often be hard to know how to show love for the writer or freelancers work.

      Things are also, always changing, maybe next year, I will have to ask my readers to do something completely different. Its all about communication and conversation. If we dont have them, we cant keep providing awesome adventures and we cant keep going on them, so it works both ways!

      And the general working together instead of against each other is something we need to focus on more, in our industries. We have enough to battle without going to war with each other.

      Hugs and Love


  2. Hi Cee, so glad I found your new home on the blogosphere. I don’t know how I missed your “I’m moving” post, but I did and found a long time didn’t hear from you. All good now! Yeah.
    I really appreciate this post, as I’ve been wondering if the average person in SA actually know where and how to find a blog. And if there are specific readers (apps) that make it possible to discover a new blogger.
    I just use my WordPress site for that and it works absolutely great, but what do people do that doesn’t have WordPress?


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