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My Travel Sunday Reads: 04.03.18

Welcome to My Travel Sunday Reads.

If you haven’t read last weeks travel reads, then be sure to read them here.
So without further ado lets discover this week’s favorite reads. Click the subscribe button, give the authors a follow, find them on social media and if you enjoyed the read, please comment on the actual blog post.


Wanderlust Movement –

Lauren is a Johannesburg based travel writer and nomadic entrepreneur. I have been reading her works for quite some time now, and every time I do, I end up being surprised. Not because of all her various adventures or the style of her writing but because of the content she provides on a whole.

Lauren started Wanderlust Movement after realizing that her love of travel was becoming somewhat limited as a South African. With all the visa and paperwork, weak rand and mountains we have to climb in order to visit or work in another country, she decided it was time to change that.

Having explored our homeland of South African, and traveled across the world, Lauren has some amazing tips and honest pointers of her travels. And ways in which you can make traveling a reality, especially as a fellow South African.

Untitled design (11)

My Travel Sunday Read from Lauren, this week is – 12 Best Visa Free Countries, For South Africans to Visit in 2018. pexels-photo-269790

Campsbay Girl –

I think there is this general appreciation in South Africa for Carlinn in the travel community. Carlinn and her boyfriend Mike travel the world, and leave the rest of us with absolute wanderlust and envy more often than not. Their travel stories and visual depictions are pure quality. Talk about couple goals.

Recently I have been reading Carlinns blogs almost daily to catch up. There is truly something for everyone on her site and even better, her and Mike have a way of portraying a property or adventure with a unique point of view. I have read many articles on some of the places they have stayed, but when I read about them, through their eyes, I see something new.


My Travel Sunday Read from Carlinn, this week is – 5 Reasons to Visit Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel.


Hospitality Hedonist –

Llewellyn Lambert, is the editor of this amazing site, with a love of the finer things in life. I like to think, Fine Dining, Fine Fashion, and Fine Travel. Those are the thoughts that come to mind when I think of The Hospitality Hedonist. A beautiful, classy, clean portrayal of adventures and experiences.

Hedonist by the way as explained by Llewellyn is –

The name derives from the Greek word for “delight”. Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the primary or most important intrinsic good. A hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).

“At HospitalityHedonist we seek to find the pleasure in everything. Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle”.


My Travel Sunday Read from Hospitality Hedonist, this week is – Silo Hotel, Against The Grain, Luxury Accommodation.

And if you enjoyed that, I also wrote a guest post on the HH website awhile ago! ravRead it here – Romantic Dinners in Durban.


So do yourself a favor, this week. Go and get lost in someone else’s adventure. Go see the world, through someone else’s eyes. It will be an adventure and who knows what you will find.

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