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#27BirthdaysWithCee: Its Ceece’s Birthday Month – March Is Here.

My Birthday Month Has Begun…

I know, not all of those words needed capitals, but I am talking about the most important day in the annual calendar to me, so yeah. Much like Oprah – Every. Word. Got. A. Capital.

So why is my birthday, so important to me? Why does my skin start tingling, why do butterflies start flying around in my stomach? Why do I wake up, every single day of March, with this fire inside me, and then go to bed with this excited energy around me? Like a child on Christmas Eve, I still cannot go to bed before midnight on the eve of my birthday. Still.

Well, let’s dive into what my birthday means to me. And why I want to celebrate it with everyone, every year, until the day I no longer mark them on this planet.


The Day I Was Born…

Well, now that is an interesting story. No one actually knows where I was born. I was an abandoned baby. Found and rescued during a stormy night, from the side of a bridge where I had been left in basically no clothing. The area I was found in, is called Isipingo, which is an area in my home province, of Kwa Zulu Natal. At that stage, it was a predominately Indian community. I was rescued by an Indian lady who had been sitting at home, watching TV with her husband. She was convinced that she was hearing a cat crying out in pain, and after the storm was quite worried about it.

After an argument or two with her husband, finding a coat and venturing out into the storm, she walked around the neighborhood until she came to the local spaza shop and asked the guy in the stall if he could hear the sound as well. He said he thought it was coming from near the bridge, so off she went to investigate. I don’t think anyone can ever be, ready to find a half-naked premature baby, with water in its lungs, in and among rubbish on the side of the bridge, can they? Well, she did. And she handled it, pretty darn well.

She took me home, cleaned me, and fed me, until the following day, where I was taken to RK Khan Hospital. I was a very sick baby for the first few weeks, I had water in my lungs and all sorts of nonsense from that night, but I made it, didn’t I. I was eventually moved into the adoption area and my case was handled by the child welfare.

The doctor who checked me over estimated my day-of-birth- and took into consideration my prematureness along with several other factors to bless me, with the date 20th March. And just as well he did because I have this thing about odd numbers and also, now I get a public holiday every year, the day after my birthday. So win-win, hey?


My First Birthday With My Parents…

My folks went through hell and back to call me their daughter. To have the right to love and care for me. To give me the best they could and a chance at life beyond the walls of an overcrowded system. I won’t be going into it all of that in this post, but I can tell you it wasn’t easy. This was all before 1994, tensions were still tight, and you didn’t have to be politically correct. My parents were both already in their older years, and they had 3 fully grown kids of their own, who had all left home. Oh and they were white of course, so you know. They quite literally changed the world in their own way.

I was one of the, First 100 Cross-Culturally Adopted Babies in Natal, Before 94′. Now you try and say that in one sentence. Things were hard. And it wasn’t all fairy dust and roses, but it was my life and I am so honored for what my parents did, in the time they did, even after what they were put through.

It’s odd me being in media now actually. Even stranger is me being a writer. My father is most likely having a little giggle to himself up in the clouds about the irony since he himself was a very well known journalist and newspaper editor in KZN.


I made that first birthday, and every one after that, to the one we are about to celebrate. And that in itself is a reason to celebrate, as the road hasn’t been easy. Let’s just say, that was one of the easiest parts of my life. I like to think of myself as a super Saiyan sometimes, because of that, my second family and God are the only reasons I have made it to this age. I will explain more about my family dynamics in another post, let’s just say it gets fun to explain at times. But that I am blessed.

That Holiday…

Okay, can you see now, why the holiday that falls on the 21st, is so iconic to me? The day after my birthday is Human Rights Day in South Africa. Tell me if anything could have been more fitting.


It’s My Birthday So…

Okay, let’s lighten this up a bit. So I also seem to have this extra boost of confidence on my birthday. Almost every sentence ends with, “well it’s my birthday so…”. Let’s look at a few examples:

Q – Hey Cee, you’re wearing your PJs to the mall.
A – Yes, I know, well it’s my birthday so…

Q – Hey Cee, its 04h00am and you are eating cake and drinking wine.
A – Well, it’s my birthday so…

Q – Hey Cee, you’re flying all over the country this weekend.
A – Well, it’s my birthday so…


Okay, granted the latter, is only a dream of mine. Most of you will know I eat, sleep, and breathe travel. I’m also a young entrepreneur, so my bank balance looks more like a starving artist most of the time, not a jet-setter.


Reflection is so important. It is good to sit with yourself, at certain points in your own life and talk to your self about how things are going. Are you where you want to be? Are you happy? Is there something you need to add to your list, or do you need to throw the list away? We are often so obsessed about what other people think about our lives, the ways we live them, the things we believe in, that we never end up just doing what we want to.

What we are really passionate about, what we are called to do. I got stuck in that trap about 2 years ago, and I have been paying for it for a while now. Thankfully I am coming to the end of that road, but it was not without its hurts and the break in my path, my journey. My life isn’t perfect, heck my life is all kinds of upside down, but I know its worth something and that I am going somewhere. And as soon as you start, dealing with managing your commitment and views on your dreams, things become a lot clearer. So go and reflect. Each year, take thirty minutes alone and look around you.


Travel Tuesday & Ceeces Birthday…

This year, my birthday falls on Travel Tuesday. And this month. I intend, to travel as much of Southern Africa as I possibly can, in all the ways and means that I can. All while of course while trying to adult. Paying bills, having commitments and getting enough sleep. I often feel sleep is a waste of time, but as I get older, I also realize I need a little more of it. Thanks, Di Brown for reminding us of that.

There will be a few brands I will be showcasing during my birthday month, a few people I will be celebrating with, a few moments that you and I will share together online. So look out for those moments and articles. They will be fun and engaging and if you want to be involved as a brand, let me know. My contact details are at the top of the homepage.



Let the month begin…

Again, just a general thank you to all my readers, all my followers on social media. And my families. You have all had your roles to play in my life. Some closer than a family who I have never met, and some family, who are the best of friends.


And the motivation and the support to keep pushing forward and do what I do, because I believe in it. That to me is huge. That’s my gift from you to me. (Still accepting actual gifts though…).

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And for the Month of March the Hashtag #27BirthdaysWithCee.

And As Always….



Photos supplied by – Barry Martens – Ceeces TravelAbi Joy Nelson and Keiran Mei Photography.



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