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Exposure Series: Explore With Ed.

Welcome Back to the #ExposureSeries.

Today’s Exposure Series interview, features the talented, forever traveling, and food-loving Jamie, or as most know him. Ed from Explore With Ed.

I came across Jamie’s page, while writing about Llyod & Yaya a few weeks ago, and was totally entranced by his amazing travel photography. And specifically his weekend in Venice.

So without further introduction, let’s get to know Jamie.


I came to cross your website a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with your article on Venice. I have always wanted to visit Venice and I was lost in what you wrote about it.

However, there was recently a report on how overcrowded Venice is and that everything is experienced as a rushed tourist activity. I saw a photo that showed, an overcrowded alley, filled with tourists taking gondola trips.

To me, that would ruin the experience. Do you find the city to be overrun or do you think there are just certain times of the year, like every city, that gets busy, and that visitors should just research the times of year they visit?


I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed my post on Venice – it’s a wonderful city to visit but you do raise an interesting point. I’ve no doubt the peak summer season is flooded with tourists that could easily overwhelm the old narrow streets between landmarks like St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge. Fortunately, I didn’t find this to be the case in November, but you do compromise on the weather. I think it’s worth taking a guided tour on my trip with The Roman Guy lead me away from the tourist traps to ‘secret’ quiet spots that the locals love.



Does food play a big part in choosing where you travel too? You are self-described as a food lover and I have noticed that a lot of your posts are food focused. What was your best food travel adventure in 2017?
My initial thoughts are usually the history and the culture of the place, but I do believe one of the best ways to experience somewhere new is through its cuisine. I probably spend more time in a café or restaurant than the average sightseeing tourist as I also love sitting back and people watching. One of my best food adventures from 2017 was an Eastern Mediterranean cruise as not only did I indulge onboard the ship I also had the chance to taste food in Italy, Greece, and Montenegro.



I notice that all the photos of you, are taken with your back turned away from the camera. I think that is a pretty neat quirk to have. Is there a reason behind this, or did you realize one day, that it was just something you did?


When I initially started blogging I was a little nervous about putting myself out there on a public platform and preferred to hide behind the camera. I noticed when I did step in front of the camera (wearing my ‘trademark’ hat) people really responded to it – and like you saw it as a quirky style. Over time my confidence grew and I began to do this more frequently until it became a natural part of my blog’s identity.


Like me, you seem to be on ALL the social media. Can you tell us, which platform is your go-to site? Something that you feel comfortable to use while you are on the road, or if you continually use a combination of all the apps.
I’d say Twitter, I feel a lot more relaxed about what I post on there compared to Instagram and Facebook where my content often involves a lot more planning, editing, and research. As a photography enthusiast, I’m naturally drawn to Instagram but I place a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself to maintain a level of quality and consistency to the images I share.


Who are some of your travel inspirations in the online community? I know there are many amazing accounts and people who are globally changing up the way, our generation, loves works and travels.

There is still a great misunderstanding and non-education on how brands and companies can work with freelancers. Do you have any advice for brands and for freelancers equally that can assist in changing that mindset? In aiding with collaborations being fruitful for both sides of the party and financially viable.

I know you’ve already put a spotlight on Lloyd and Yaya from ‘Hand Luggage Only‘ but they really are trailblazers in the travel community and always make time to connect with their readers. I also enjoy ‘The Foodaholic‘ by Gary and ‘Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People‘ by Emma who successfully challenges outdated perceptions of cruising to encourage more people to holiday at sea.

A big trend I see going forward is sustainable tourism, ‘Hungry City Hippy‘ by Jane is a blog I know and love that’s inspiring people to be more mindful about their travel and eating habits.

It’s easy to see why brands (particularly new ones) would naturally want to work with bloggers/influencers with a large following in their niche. I think established brands can also benefit from looking past the figures and investing in content creators/freelancers who are able to produce top quality content that’ll engage their audience in a new and exciting way.

I also think freelancers/creators shouldn’t be scared to pitch to or approach a brand because they don’t have tonnes of followers, show them successful campaigns you’ve already worked on and demonstrate how your ideas or talent could also benefit them.


Where are you planning on traveling to in March? Is there anywhere that you are going this year, that you have been wanting to go since you first started traveling?

I have a couple of day trips coming up in the UK as I believe adventures begins on your doorstep and there’s always something to learn about where you live.

I’m also planning trips to The Caribbean and Florida, my favorite holiday destination. I’d love to explore more of Italy but I’ve no definite plans to yet – watch this space!

Thank you so much, for joining us this #TravelTuesday, Jamie. We will be watching your adventures on your various social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram.


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And As Always….




All photography by Explore With Ed. Thank you for allowing us the use of these shots.

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