My Travel Sunday Reads: 25.02.18

Welcome to My Travel Sunday Reads.

This will be a new and additional segment on my web-page each week. I will be rounding together a list of blogs I have read during the week, that I think YOU should read on that Sunday of each week. I chose Sundays because I know how many of us, like to choose this day for adventures or simple lye ins under the sun. An afternoon snuggle in the garden with the dogs and a good book in hand with an ice cold G&T.

I also know personally that the best way for me to avoid a “Blue Monday” is to go into it, with a fresh, motivated and inspired mind. I get that from writing and reading about the adventures of the world. My creativity is fueled by the community I’m part of and the environments I am in. And what better way to find a new environment than to get lost in a book or online adventure.

I don’t travel near a quarter as much as I want too and I work towards being able to do, so reading is not only been a favorite past time of mine since I was a child, but I get to “visit” all these cities, and hear all the sounds of a foreign land, before I have even been there. And so, without further ramblings. These are my online suggestions for this Sunday in no particular order.

Enjoy and share if you like the reads. I respect these writers and love where they take my mind in the written word.


Jared In CPT

While Jared was born in my home province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, he now resides in Capetown and writes about all his adventures in The Mother City. I have watched online as Jared travels through wine estates, meanders through the Midlands and is often on location, shooting a video or experiencing high tea on to of a mountain.

Jared recently released this lovely introduction video, and I would recommend watching it.jared 2

My Travel Sunday Read from Jared this week is – 5 Midlands Eateries Worth Visiting.


Hand Luggage Only –

Okay, I will admit it before we begin. I may or may not have a slight love affair with Llyod & Yaya, but they started it. With all their amazing ventures across the globe, and then their mind-blowing photography of said places. And of course to add the cherry on top their engaging and informative way of writing about their adventures.

So, really who is to blame about that? Also, I interviewed them a while back and it was amazing, so you should go and read it here.

So let me get, real Michael B Jordan at you for a second, by saying “first of all”, you need to go and subscribe to their blog. And I don’t mean just follow them or any of the writers on this list on social media (do that too please) but actually, go and subscribe to our sites, so we can let you know where our next venture is.


My Travel Sunday Read from Llyod & Yaya this week is – Tropical Adventures on The Island of St.Kitts.

pexels-photo-775999 (1)

Di Brown –

Gosh! Di had me giggling with laughter this week. She wrote an article about her time at De Hoop Collection Nature Reserve. It was actually Travel Tuesday and I was sick in bed, and not impressed with the fact. And then I found Di’s article. Gosh, she writes in such a way, that her humor comes through, so clearly to the reader.

There was a snake scare, and some fully clothed swimming in the sea. And some quad bike rides, I mean, Di the adventurous individual she is, had me on the edge of my seat. I had to know about everything that the property entailed, and so lost within the story, that I could almost smell the salt in the sea.


And so without a second thought, My Travel Sunday Read from The Roaming Giraffe this week is – Finding The Pulse of Nature.


So do yourself a favor, this Sunday. Go and get lost in someone else’s adventure. Go see the world, through someone else’s eyes. It will be an adventure and who knows what you will find.

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And As Always





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