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How To Do Valentines Day As A Singleton, Without Feeling Like You Let Jack, Drown At The End of Titanic.

Hearts, chocolate, candles and fancy dinners. That is what you are supposed to be focusing on, come to this “special day” every year. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT bashing the day of love, a day where couples can pay extra attention to each other an touch base. I think if there are couples who enjoy celebrating this day, then they should.

I also think that there is a gap in the market for the singles and that marketing manipulation has a mentally ill effect on several thousands of individuals every year. So ladies, and gents of the single realm. Grab the wine, we are going on an adventure! Here are my suggestions for your Valentines Day.

1. Throw Out The Romantic Comedies, And Find Some Action Thrillers.

Honestly, if your plan is to watch every Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, acted or Nicholas Sparks wrote, film out there, then maybe you are not going to survive this day. My advice, hide your precious copy of Pretty Woman in the bottom of your cupboard. It’s not like I am saying throw it away, that would be crazy talk.

Once you have hidden it, hop onto ye ol’ faithful Netflix, and find the most action-packed, or thriller based movies you can source. Create a playlist and get ready for a night of explosions, cringe-worthy one-liners, and eye candy. Might as well, laugh while looking at Chris Hemsworth’s biceps or Michelle Rodriguez‘s abs right?

My advice to one up this experience? Make it a group activity. Invite all your single friends over the evening, spend a little extra on yourself, buy the brie, buy the really good gin, and make it an evening filled with laughter and Hollywood CGI effects. This is that one time, I will suggest watching a Michael Bay movie.

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2. Love Your Friends & Family.

It takes a village to raise a family and sometimes our families are the ones we choose, not the ones that we are born into. We have all heard or been told this before. And while Valentines Day forces the union and declaration of love between partners, I think there is an opportunity to share the love at home. At the suggestion of Durban Doula. You can write your friend or sister a letter, telling them how much you acknowledge their presence in your life.

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3. Stand Up For Yourself.

A lesson I am learning more and more each day in business, and in my own life. You have got to stand up for yourself. And while in business that may apply to not letting people undervalue you, it applies to your personal life as well. Those comments made by a family member or even a close friend, that cut a little too close to the bone? Say something to them about it.

That one person that has to mention how LUCKY you are not to be in a relationship because of what they’re going through. The aunt that is always asking if you have a date this year. The cashier who has no business commenting on the items in your shopping cart, whether its filled with wine, candles, and condoms or the latest GQ and batteries for your “little friend”. If there is a comment that makes you feel like somehow your choice to be single or the fact that you are single at that moment or on this day, then stand up and say NO! Burn your bra if you have to.

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4. Deal With Valentines Like Pasty Freakin Stone!

This one is for the nineties babies. And it’s absolutely fabulous. Honestly if all the above just doesn’t cut it for you, then honey, grab the gin, because you’re going out. I know how good, wearing a bright red lipstick makes me feel. I know how good, I feel when I wear the extra high, heels. I know how good I feel when my underwear matches and I have managed to do my brows in under 5 minutes. Oh, ladies, I know.

So if you feel like embracing the romance, and you don’t feel like doing it at home. Then do it. Do it for and by yourself. This idea that you cant go anywhere without a girl or guy gang, or the idea that a partner or anyone else, has to make the first move, start the conversation or ask you out, is sssssooooo 1800’s. C’mon ladies and gents, it’s 2018, we went through a lot to have the freedom to do whatever the f@%! we feel like, so use it. Make yourself a gin cocktail, the folks at Musgrave Gin make a lovely pink drink if you want to stick to the theme. And they quote things like ” You’re The Gin to My Tonic”. If that isn’t romantic, then I don’t know. Lol.

Play some Rihanna, Cher or Lil Wayne and do it all in nothing but your bathrobe and underwear. If you start getting Marilyn, Audrey or James Dean vibes, you’re doing it right. Once you have gotten your hair did, and your make up aligned, pick out the dress or outfit that you are always a little shy to wear, but friends say you look great in. Or wear the one that you absolutely love. There is no grey area here, both will have a good effect.

You should always let someone know where you are going, but feel free not to invite anyone to travel with you. Leave the house feeling good, alone. Arrive at your destination alone, walk in with a big smile and after a fun evening, go home alone. You can have fun without it having to be about anyone else.

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5. There Is No, No.5

Just enjoy yourself and remember, that you’re an amazing person. Your relationship status does not reign sovereign over who you are. In a relationship or not.

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