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Exposure Series: Hand Luggage Only Blog 

Welcome Back to the #ExposureSeries.

Today’s Exposure Series interview is a very special one. I have been following this due on Twitter for years, in fact, they were one of the very first Travel Bloggers I came into contact with when I started out in the industry.

I have always found their site to be a traveling sanctuary, with clean lines, easy navigation, fantastic photography, honest and raw reviews, and insights into places you didn’t even know, you were going to have to ask your boss for time off to visit.

Lloyd & Yaya, are noted around the world, as two of the Top International Travel Bloggers. And to think, it all started one day, between classes at Cambridge University…

Thank you Llyod & Yaya, for joining me, let’s get started with a few questions:

When did you officially start Travel Blogging? And since you started, what changes have you seen in the industry, both positive and negative?

We started blogging in April 2014 so, almost, 4 years now. There’s been a huge shift in blogging over the last two years for sure. Nowadays, more and more people have a blog and are interested in the blogging community.

The best thing about this is that the blogging community has gotten bigger and stronger and that such a positive for us all. The more the merrier we say!

The negative (which really isn’t a negative at all) is that with more people being interested in blogging and bloggers more generally, you find that your time becomes ever more consumed with your blog. For us, this is a total plus as blogging and traveling is the passion we love to share.

You’ve recently been to St.Kitts. From your amazing Instagram page, it looks like you were living the dream. Walks out into the ocean, plane rides, and valleys to be discovered.

I loved those images and I can’t wait to read about your adventure, but I would like to hear more about your thoughts on creating those images.

Did you really get lost in the beautiful experience as a Travel Blogger or is there a conscious awareness of “getting the shot” and spending hours editing?

We had the most amazing time when we visited St. Kitts – it makes us so happy that you loved our trip too. That really does mean the world to us. Now, the good thing for us is that we started blogging because we love photography, so taking pictures has always gone hand in hand with travel.

We tend to never ‘set up’ shots or over create an image as we always want our photos to feel and show what we are seeing. That’s the magic of photography, you can transport your emotions to someone a thousand miles away that will have the same reaction as you did when you saw it.

Do you find that you can “shut down” on holiday or do you honestly love sharing your adventures with people as a lifestyle?

For us, we started blogging as a hobby, we always wanted to share our adventure, so this is very natural for us. We always tend to be quite busy when we travel, whenever we get to a new place we want to see everything we can and as much as possible.

You travel ALOT. And you work with brands on some of your travels. What advice do you have for the average travel blogger, who is looking to work with companies and travel the world? 

What we’ve always stuck to is being natural to share what you enjoy, sharing what you like and really showcasing what makes you happy.

If we are working with a brand or destination we only ever do what we feel we would do when traveling by ourselves. This is the most important thing to us.

With regards to advice, we’d say continue with your own, authentic voice. It’s the most powerful tool you have and something that will continue to drive you and your passion for blogging in the future.

All the other things like working with brands come naturally with time. And patients, obviously. 🙂

I loved your post titled: 14 of The Best Places to Safari in Africa. Mainly because you started it with the opening lines ” No Zoo and No Interaction”.

As you know poaching, cub petting, hunting, and canning is at an all-time high and disastrous state on our country and quite frankly worldwide.

As you travel to various countries, can you tell me what your general perception of people’s education on wildlife, animal interactions, etc? 

It really depends, each country is different. We find that different cultures have different ideas on what constitutes cruelty and even abuse.

One of the worst examples we saw was when we visited an Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka. It was a cruel and awful place.

Never Visit Pinnawala Elephant Resort 

Do you find that you motivate each other and keep each other on your toes? Or do you appreciate that sometimes you need space from each other, because of your constantly working together? 

We are with each other 24/7 this is a blessing for us as it means we can always appreciate the value in someone else’s opinion. Plus, it’s always a plus to have a travel companion.

What was the most unexpected adventure you went on in 2017, that wasn’t planned and turned out to be an amazing experience?

It has to be Nepal. We went on the most incredible trip all across the county. We spotted rhino (which, honestly we had no idea they were n Nepal), searched for tigers and saw so many gorgeous temples. It really was a dream.

Sacred Temples 

World Heritage Site in Nepal 

If you could give any writer and blogger some real honest advice about this industry, about their passions and dreams what would it be? Even if it’s not the norm, something out of the box.

Stick with what you love and write about what you love. Everything else is just trying to be something else. If you love something you’re writing about, the passion is always evident.

And before we let you go, where are you going next?

We are heading to Switzerland next. We can’t wait! 🙂

Thanks so much for being with us again

People can find you on your various social media handles and website at….





Thank you so much, Llyod & Yaya.

All photography by Llyod & Yaya.  Thank you for allowing us the use of these shots.

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