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The VIP Bernini SA Launch 

Okay, sometimes what I do for a living, has me pulling out my hair, eating cereal at midnight and pondering my own existence.

Other times, I get to experience things like the Bernini S.A. Launch in Durban recently, hosted by Tash Sutherland and The Creativity Lab team. Who as always, put on an event of utter brilliance this Summer.

I swear, I was focusing on the glass and the view in the above photos respectively….my camera just “happened” to capture the two summer models, as well. (ABS)

The Brand: 

In my personal opinion, Bernini S.A. has marketed themselves as a Summer time, light, fizzy, alcoholic afternoon cider. Something you can sip on by the pool, or in the park at a picnic with friends, on a hot day.

With flavors like Ruby, Blush, & Sparkling Grape, it’s not hard to imagine doing just that.

The Venue: 

The event was hosted at The Spa on Fairway, a stunning location with lounge area, gardens, swimming pool and ocean viewing deck.

Dj Carly on the decks!

The views across the golf course were expansive, and many a selfie was taken to further prove this fact.

The People: 

Speaking of selfies, familiar faces were in attendance at the event. Durban sure do have a lot of pretty faces and beautiful people inside and out.

And when the squads roll up like this…. how can you argue?

Yup! That’s Cee & The Doctor. Aka Christian @Dr_031
Grey & Sphiwe From BlackSpade Ent. With DJ Carly O & Lee
Sphiwe, Eveline & Cee
The Gents
The Ladies
Ammarah, Cee & Waheed
Cee with East Coast Radio Presenters – Bongani & Keri

I mean, it’s not like we were short on personalities, laughs, and dance moves.

Leon Payne came to SLAY!!!

Craig & Sphiwe came to PLAY!!!

The Entertainment: 

Speaking of which, if you were there, you would have noticed one of South Africa’s Top Female DJs on the decks, DJ CarlyO. 

I have so much love for this lady. Her set went from “hero to hero to hero, there ain’t no zero”! Seriously! Hit after hit, her transitions flowed like water on ice, smoother than vanilla himself!

People. Were. Dancing. 

Eyadini Walk For What?

And then to top it off, there were some actual, qualified dancers, who broke out some contemporary dance for our continued entertainment….

Gosh, goodness, gracious me! 

BerniniSA & The Creativity Lab, you did an amazing job!

A huge shout out to Tash & Her Team, it’s always wonderful, working, seeing, attending one of your events. You pull more than rabbits out of magic hats, and it’s quality every time.

Look out for some more Bernini SA adventures on Ceeces Travel, as I’ll hopefully be doing some more Bernini Collabs with #CeeSummerLoves in 2018.

Don’t forget to find me on social media on TwitterInstagram/Facebook Page at @CeecesTravel. 

And As Always……




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