Rain Africa: Gifts From Nature – Christmas Launch. 

It is that time again. The big jolly fellow is around every corner. The tinsel is making you sneeze and families are starting to argue, about who is hosting Christmas lunch this year.

There is at least ONE thing you, DO NOT need to stress about. Gifts. Now I say that quite cautiously as you all know, I am not exactly the most Christmas loving individual. Working in marketing and previously hospitality makes me so aware of all the lies and actual overt consumerism that takes over, during this time of year.

That, and the fact that I find most of us, buy the silliest gifts, under the sun. You do not need to buy your kids MORE plastic toys. Your uncle doesn’t need another scarf from that sale, that is not really a sale and for the love of food, there is no reason to overeat or be forced into debt and loans, because that aunt who has never really approved of you, wants you to bring everything for lunch and the kitchen sink..


Yet, most of us, still want to give a few of those closest to us, a gift of love. So where do you go, where can you buy gifts, with a guarantee that the product has been ethically sourced, that no rainforests are being destroyed and that, the staff are being looked after well. The answer to that my darlings is Rain Africa.

And best of all, they have just launched their Gifts From Nature – Christmas Range. The focus is solely on organic, natural gifts. And no, not organic, like when brands use the term but don’t actually give your organic items. This is organic to the point where, if they’re out of stock, they’re out of stock.

As you all know, I LOVE my Rain Africa products. For instance, their DIY scrubs, have you ever? My skin feels so amazing after it is been lathered in essential oils, rooibos grains, and sugar.

I’m also, pretty addicted to their BEE Essentials range. As a traveler, I don’t leave the house without my lip balm, insect balm and sleep balm. Certainly, essentials when you’re on an adventure.

Furthermore, they have various ranges suited to each individual. Whether you’re into soft cotton smells and feels or are all about that Aloe freshness, you’ll find something in a Rain Africa store.

So, let’s talk about the “Gifts From Nature” launch. Hosted at the Pavilion branch, by Ryan and Yusuf.

We were welcomed with handmade, environmentally friendly and reusable name tags, and sprayed with one of the rain tree mists. So calming.

The store smelled and looked amazing. With its natural tones and white lighting, the space is comfortable to move around in.

It was great to see all the other media, colleagues and friends in attendance.

I spotted both Reese, candidate attorney and fashion blogger of The Nifty Attache and Sade from Diary of a Disney Mom.

You should go check them both out, I am always wowed by Reese’s style and Sade’s humor.

There was an amazing buffet & bubbly selection made up of almost all of my favorite meals. I tucked in as soon as I got the go ahead. You cant really restrict me from attacking a cheese board. Some have tried, many have failed.

After we had all touched base with each other, we were asked to all gather around a table in the center of the store. On this table stood a singular, wooden tree.

A Christmas Tree, and as Yusuf explained, we were going to be decorating it, as we unveiled the Gift From Nature range. Ryan then explained that they wanted to do this WITH us, as a token of appreciation and thanks, to their biggest supporters. It was a warm & fuzzy feeling moment.

I am eager to report that not only did the tree look amazing once fully decorated but that the products in the Christmas range, are amazing. I have my eyes on several on the gifts, especially the new Copper items, like the Hand Lotion and Bath Salts.

How amazing would those look in your bathroom?

I also fell for the Verbena items and the Earth eggs.

There is an entire range of new, interesting ethical products in the Gifts From Nature range, the best way to find out what they all are, is to pop into one of Rain Africa branches. I personally favor the Pavilion store, but you can find the team at Gateway Mall & in Ballito.

Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself this season…

Your partner…

Or the environmentally conscious mom-to-be….

My point is, you need to get your Christmas, Birthday, Celebration gifts from Rain Africa.

  • You need to spoil yourself at Rain Africa.
  • You need to spend your money wisely and ethically, while looking after the environment, at Rain Africa.
  • Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes most of their packaging is recyclable, or being changed over to recyclable packaging.

Now if only they made makeup…..

You can find the Rain Africa Team on Twitter, Instagram, And Facebook, by clicking the highlighted links.

You can visit their website at Rain Africa. Com

Don’t forget to find me on social media on Twitter/ Instagram/Facebook Page at @CeecesTravel.

And As Always……




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