Heineken VIP: #OpenYourCity Night

A secret invites, to a secret event.
That is how our #OpenYourCity experience begun.

Selected media and personalities were asked to cancel their plans for an evening and go on an adventure, hosted by Heineken.

The Arrival: 

Gosh, I am never late for anything, but true as bob, due to a transport issue, I was the last to arrive.

Thankfully everyone was busy networking and getting to know each other, and it didn’t feel like walking into a courtroom, as the accused.

I was greeted by our lovely Heineken hostesses and given an ice cold Heineken at the Gagasi FM studios where we were all departing from.

Once we had all arrived, we departed for our transport, which by the way came in the form of brand new BMW SUV escorts. Oh yeah, we were rolling in style and comfort.

The First Stop: 

We had no idea where we were going at each stop, nor what to expect.

As we drove in the cool summer evening, through the northern city of Durban. I could see ship lights out on the ocean, yellow glow from street lamps and the sound of chatter, as we pulled into Umhlanga Cresent.

We were led into Butcher Boys and seated at 2 long tables. Great for sharing starters and networking with each other. South African artists, Aewon Wolf, and Kyle Deutsch were sharing the adventure with us, as the official ambassadors of the Durban Open Your City tours, alongside, Dj Naves and Dj Sphectacular.

The Food: 

Was amazing. Seriously. Had I known how amazing our starters were going to be, I may have ordered a smaller meal. As it was, an enormous rack of ribs landed on our table, along with finger food pairings for everyone to share.

Our amazing photographer and friend Jethro Snyders from Jethro Snyders Photography managed to capture me, trying to capture my meal. You can find Jethro on Instagram HERE. He is open for bookings all festive season.

As we ate, conversation filled our table. We spoke about everything from industry authenticity to entrepreneurship in South Africa and small business owners.

It was pretty interesting to be honest, as the only female at our table, speaking to people from various roles in the creative industry in South Africa. Hearing their perceptions and experiences, made for an interesting evening.


The Culture: 

After we had all eaten, we said goodbye to lovely staff at Butcher Boys and headed back to our BMW escorts. I must admit, it felt nice to be conveyed across my home city, taken on new adventures in the place I call home.

Speaking of which, our next stop came up quickly, as we pulled into the Station Drive, which was buzzing with energy as First Thursday kicked off.

We were taken to an amazing photographic art exhibition hosted in one of the studios at the drive. I was pleasantly surprised to recognize a number of the portrait models on the wall.

Including several of the business owners based in Station Drive, like Jordan from Distillery 031, & Sean from S43.

As media though, you can imagine we also took out own portraits during the visit.


The Closing: 

After an evening of great food, networking, laughing, learning about hidden gems in Durban, there was only one thing left to do. Party with Heineken. And that we did at our final stop.

I haven’t been in a club in ages, but I finally got to visit the much talked about 47th Avenue. 

To be honest I think our wonderful group, made the evening. I’m not much of a clubber, more of a braai at home kinda lady. None the less, Heineken took great care of us and also made sure we all got home safely with our complimentary Uber rides.


Thank you to the team at Heineken and EclipsePR for your hard work and the wonderful experience we all had.

Don’t forget to find me on social media on TwitterInstagram/Facebook Page at @CeecesTravel. 

And As Always……..



Disclaimer – Level 1


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