Exposure Series

Exposure Series: Zuki Kwata

Welcome Back to the #ExposureSeries.

I recently got to talk to, entrepreneur, fashionista, game changer & friend, Zuki Kwata.


Who is Zuki? Find out below.

Zuki, please introduce yourself: 

The name is Zukisani Kwata but commonly known as Zuki I refer to myself as a Fashion Creative In the Durban Scene, I’ve worked in all avenues of fashion from styling, to coordinating fashion shows and directing photo shoots. I also run a Fashion Events Agency (The Fashion Affair) where I groom up and coming models who want to sign with Top Agencies. 

When did you realize, that you and style had a connection? 

I’ve always spent an extra 10 minutes thinking about what I was going to wear since I was young, but the first time I’d realized I really had a different sense of style was when I was in Law school and The lectures would make comments about my outfits daily and politely ask “are you sure you’re not a drama student?” I’ve basically embraced that I don’t dress like a lot of people that’s like my superpower. 

One of my favorite shots of you was taken by one of my favorite photographers, Gerrit Van Zyl. How did it come about? 

I recently became involved in Lee Folkard’s Project Scouted and Gerrit had been shooting the models at the venue. It was the easiest thing he pulled me aside and said he loved the vibes I was pulling off and literally asked to take a few shots of me, I walked towards the beetle and he started clicking away, we didn’t even speak so it was really impromptu. It looks super GQ Mag like because the combination of the outfit and the location were perfectly matched. 

So what’s the goal for Zuki Kwata? When is your “mama I made it, a moment”?

I’m very determined to be the Face of Fashion, I still feel a lot of people see it as a hobby or pure entertainment but it’s a big business, a massive industry. I’m working on a Fashion show and also styling some really out of the box shoots in the next few weeks which is some of my best work. I’m really enjoying the Durban Fashion Fair which happens annually in Durban. It’s basically Durban’s Fashion week, Top designers and brands showcasing their stuff.

I have recently worked on projects with both, Red-bull during their Redbull Culture Clash campaign,#RedbullCultureClashLook1 – #RedbullCultureClashLook2 and Flying Fish who have designed some custom converse shoes, for me. In flying fish colors, which has been such an experience to be apart of. When I work with brands and individuals, I always make sure that, the brand fits in with my brand. That there is an element of style, design and creativeness behind projects. 

Tough love and reality, what advice would you give to the up and striving Durban, Creative?  

My only advice to Durban Creative is to have original concepts and photo-shoots, the copy paste method of taking what someone with 15k followers does is the worst thing you can do because it’s a rather tedious chore to not be yourself on social media.

And lately, people that inspire yourself to keep going?  

In the entertainment industry, Rihanna is definitely top of the list. She’s managed to become a pop culture icon by being herself and trusting her gut with her brand. At home I’m definitely a mama’s boy so my moms never give up attitude has gotten me through those “I’m deleting social media ” 

Thank you so much, Zuki Kwata. Always a pleasure touching base with you.
Readers can find Zuki on Instagram at @ZukiKwata and @The_FashionAffair.

All photography by Gerrit Van Zyl. You can find Gerrit on Instagram at @Gerritvanzyl to inquire about rates and shoots. Thank you Gerrit for allowing us the use of these shots.

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