UberEats: UberEATSDBN Official Launch. 

Two things any avid traveler or entrepreneur needs in their life. Reliable transportation and food for fuel.

So when I heard that UberEATS was finally coming to Durban, I was ecstatic. The invite said the theme was Gatsby styled, and going to be hosted at the Durban Botanic Gardens.

The Arrival: 

Part of our VIP treatment was that Uber was going to transport us to the venue and then, back home again. Nearing 15h00 after much teasing on all my social platforms, I let everyone in on the secret and ordered my Uber.

Wearing bold red statement lips, and a Gatsby styled outfit, I was ready to knock em dead. I knew a few of the other guests who were attending, which made for an even more exciting time.


It was great to see Sandy Nene, founder of S.A. Bloggers, Monique De Villers, Kasia, Lungi, and of course my favorite who I attended with Sherwyn Weiach.

Champagne was served at the event, with a touch of pearls and feathers throughout the venue. Whoever was in charge of the decor did a very good job.

The Speech:

As we choose our seats, I noticed large white boxes on our tables. Each person had been allocated a mystery box.

When everyone arrived and we were asked to be seated, the room went silent. The Uber Eats South Africa team was acknowledged and then furthermore a speech and acknowledgment by Daniel Calvert, in a thick Scottish Accent.

We were taken through the steps of Uber Eats, how it works, why we should use it and what companies have come on board.


I was quite pleased to not only hear that the Afros Chicken were on board by to see their team at the event as well. Headed up by the lovely Dee.

The Networking: 

The weather hadn’t exactly panned out for the event as expected, so instead of sitting outside on picnic blankets and sharing our boxes filled with delicious treats, we all gathered around inside, chatting, networking and getting to know each other.


I loved it.

And of course, when you invite media anywhere, it’s par for the course that selfies are taken in abundance.

Our little group (The naughty guests) consisting of, Alison & Her Daughter from InstaEats Durban, Kasia & Her Hubby from The Bugle, Waheed and Ammarah from The AW Lifestyle, Jerome Govender, musician and photographer , Lungi from ByLungi, and of course Sherwyn Weiach Celebrity Chef & I, often braved the rain for the a photo.


Kieran Mei was on hand to take photos during the day, and what lovely moments he captured between friends and colleagues.

The App: 

So what about the app?

Well, to be honest, I had A LOT of problems trying to set up my account. There seemed to be multiple issues from an Ubers side in rectifying issues relating to my account.

The most frustrating aspect of it though was that I could not pick up a phone and just speak to a human being. I was told several times by various Uber platforms, uber in-app support, uber Twitter support, an uber email support that they do not communicate via telephone.

FINALLY, after resetting something that didn’t need resetting, about 3 days later, I was let into the UberEats app and able to sign up. Only to find out that the delivery area did not include my neighborhood. That. Was. Frustrating.

Anyway, I was assured that new areas were opening and to just be patient, which I don’t mind too much. The app seems to be very useful, the delivery fees are actually better than the delivery charges of most fast food chains, and so I wait

However, when I tried to use my Uber App for an event a day later….. I was locked out. And late for a work event. And because I couldn’t phone anyone, I was absolutely left in the cold. To say I was angry was an understatement.

It was eventually sorted out, later in the evening, after I had tried to contact the communications manager of Uber after hours (bless her soul) and then furthermore to be sorting out the issue, in the middle of a work event, so I could safely get home. I say well done to those that fixed the issue, but it was an issue that should have never had begun in the first place. And left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

My Conclusion: 

The UberEats Durban Launch was a success by all standards. The food, the information, the venue, the staff, the atmosphere, and decor. And the guest list.  Win. Win. Win. Well done to the team behind the launch and the fantastic hosting.


I’m not so sure about the actual App but I’ll keep you all updated when I can order in my area.

I see Uber and clients are starting to work together quite regularly and that’s a good thing, as long as the system is reliable.

I look forward to our next Uber adventure. Lookout for some possible #CeeSummerLoves Uber stories this coming summer!


Come find me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Page at @CeecesTravel.

And thank you to Kieran Mei.

And As Always….. 




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