UberFlavour: Craft Ice Tea in South Africa

Okay. Disclaimer, Uber Flavour ice tea is available all over South Africa. I just have a feeling, it’s going to be a hit in our beautiful (humid) city, this year.

I, for one, need to restock my fridge asap. Finally, we have an ice tea brand, that’s not either full of sugar (and themselves) or completely bland and tasteless. Believe me, I have been tempted to drink liquidated cardboard in some cases.

What is Uber Flavour?

Uber Flavour is an organically produced craft ice tea. You literally couldn’t get more millennial if you tried. And that’s okay. It’s worth it.

Crafted through inspiration from the Japanese and their creation of Umami, Uber Flavour is brewed with much the same precision, practice, dedication, and techniques.

Say it with me ” U-ma-mi”.

What is Umami? (And does it come with Avo toast?).

It’s called the 5th Taste. Once blended the rooibos tea, fresh fruit infusions and honey-lemon create the 5th Taste. Neither, sweet, sour, bitter or salty. Just Umami. Just right.

I think there could be a pretty awesome 5th Element skit based on Umami. Someone send Bruce Willis some Uber Flavour.

What flavors are available? 

First up is the Berry & Buchu.

Then the Honey & Lemon. 

The very refreshing Apple & Cinnamon.

And my favorite, The Mango & Vanilla.

Is there something we should know?

Yes. While these flavors are delicious on their own and open up and entirely new world, to the previously unaware ice tea lover, I do have a few of my own tips.

  • The Buchu & Berry is best drunk, at fridge temperature. Not Vanilla Ice kinda cold, just cool.
  • The Honey & Lemon can drink at room temperature and even mixed in with your regular hot tea or heated. I kid you not. It’s like a hot toddy.
  • The Apple & Cinnamon is going to be a lot of people’s favorite drink during Summer. It’s the most thirst-quenching drink in the range and should be drunk as cold as the Arctic.
  • And finally my favorite. The Mango & Vanilla, it should be drinking pretty chilled, and if you have any mint leaves lying around, chop them up and add to the mixture.
  • Bonus Tip: Hosting an event? Champagne and the Mango Vanilla are a serious hit, serve as cocktails, with added mint or ginger!

Where can I buy Uber Flavour? 

You cant. I’m kidding. Basically, when I went through the list of stockists, I realized something. Everyone who lives in Capetown must be an Uber Flavour distributor.

There is literally no excuse not to get your hands on Uber Flavour or have your Capetown buddy send it to you.

So who’s keen to see what I and Uber Flavor can get up to in this year’s #CeeSummerLoves?

Watch this space…. I’m off to practice some Sencha *The Way of The Tea Ceremony*, now…..

If you enjoyed the read or want to tell me about your favorite flavor. Please comment and SHARE below.

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And As Always…. 




2 thoughts on “UberFlavour: Craft Ice Tea in South Africa”

    1. Thank you so much Tracy.

      Summer is coming and Im thinking of maybe getting some more and making #CeeSummerLoves Cocktails.
      Maybe having a few friends over and making a day of it. If you want to know more,send me an email.
      Thanks again. Loving the Umami.


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