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Welcome, To Ceeces Travel 2.0

Welcome, to those of you, who don’t know me. And welcome home to those of you, who do.

If you have been previously following all my adventures at Ceeces Taxi over the last few years, then you’ll be one step ahead, and know why I headlined this Ceeces Travel 2.0

Don’t you love the smell of a new place? Clean fresh walls, to paint. New places to fit furniture. New sounds in the neighborhood?

I do.

November certainly seems like a month or a time in my life, year after year, where pretty big changes happen. Not all of those have been the best, but it looks like the positive changes and memories, will continue to grow.

If you’re wondering why the move, be sure to read THIS POST. I’m so excited to be here, for many reasons, a few of those being:

  1. Taking you, on so many more adventures. In the written word, with stunning still visuals and also video and sound when possible.
  2. I’m here, to let you in, on a much deeper level, to talk about my personal life. My anxiety, my depression, my past body issues, my daily struggles. And at the same time, my beautiful boobs, my love of sushi, my love for a little dog named Bon Bon and how instead of working out, I sometimes just drink tea and eat chocolate.
  3. To speak about things that you may not agree with or want to hear, but things that need saying.
  4. To talk about being, almost 30, single, not interested in having kids, and why that’s okay, doesn’t make you any less of a person or a monster.
  5. To bring you REAL and HONEST views and reviews on places I stay, activities I part take in and products I use.
  6. To test the latest adventure for those of you who love solo travel, to camp out at places where you can make friends, and to tell you about brands you should work with.

I got to do a lot of that before, I just feel that I get to do it, a little better and a little differently from now on.

While my travels over the last few years have mainly been in KZN, I am eagerly and actively looking to expand that as soon as possible, to an international level. And also exploring a lot more of my own country. There is SO MUCH to see.

You all know I love traveling. It’s what I eat, breathe and sleep. Quite literally. And while building these sites and my social platforms have been a must in the process, I also believe in living. In looking after your mental health. In supporting yourself. In loving yourself.

We can’t do that as a society or a generation anymore when we are working not less than 2 jobs and 7 days a week. Whether your job is on an island or not, it doesn’t matter. 

You cant zen zone when clients don’t pay you, or pay you what you’re worth, or the best is: we don’t have a budget for that? Oh, honey! Wait for my piece on that.

If you never get to explore that island and it’s just a postal code, then what’s the difference? 

There isn’t one. So it’s important that we build one, that we have an island that we can escape too, in our hearts and in our minds because those two elements are generally what shape our futures and our lives.

And before I close off, at the beginning of our new place, our new home, let me all remind you…..SUMMER IS HERE!!!!

Which means only one thing….. #CeeSummerLoves 2018 will be kicking off at the end of November 2017. If you’re a brand, client, reader, friend or just generally curious body who would like to know more.

Please email me HERE. And also search the # on our old site to see some of lastest Summers adventures!

Come find me on social media, especially twitter at @ceecestravel. 

And As Always… 




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